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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an IBO/Admin fee?

Unlike most staffing companies, EKI Staffing solutions does NOT take any money from your hourly pay for our Arise Agents, we have a set Admin fee of $45.25 per Bi-weekly pay cycle PLUS the *Arise Virtual Solutions fee of $19.75 per pay cycle for a total Biweekly fee of $65. So, if your hourly pay is $18, you will receive $18 an hour.

As with all businesses, Admin fees are collected for administrative purposes.

Note: Admins fees and the Arise Virtual Solutions platform fee are deducted from payroll off top and Agents receive the remainder of revenue earned. 

*No Taxes are deducted from your paycheck you will be given a 1099 

How can I contact your company?

Our staff is available via email for any questions or concerns you may have

Is equipment provided?

No, you are an independent contractor and must get the necessary equipment for your position. In our welcome email we provide you with links to purchase your equipment AFTER you find out what you need

How much are the companies are paying?

Since we are affiliated with multiple companies, the pay rates vary. Once you view the companies that you want to work for, choose your top 3-5 and email us for their pay rate. 

Is there an investment?

We hire Independent Contractors ONLY. It does not cost to apply for a position or to create your agent profile (once your application is approved). All of our client certification programs are FREE.


(Note: If you are a remote Arise agent and you do not show up on Day 1 of your certification class the client (fortune500 company)  will charge you a $20 drop fee so you may be asked for your card information to ensure you don't miss class).

As an Independent Contractor, you are responsible for your own background check which is through a Third Party Vendor, and any equipment needed for service.

As an independent contractor, you are able to write off any expenses on your taxes to include your equipment and any fees you are charged.

Can I work for more than one company?

Yes, as an independent contractor you are in control of your schedule and money. You must work at LEAST 15 hours minimum per company to remain with EKI Staffing Solutions whether you work for 1 company or more than 1. Also, please note that certifications and trainings are unpaid.

How do I get paid?

We pay Bi-weekly via Direct deposit. You MUST have a bank account in your legal name or be joint owner. We can NOT send payment to an account that is not yours and prepaid cards are not allowed.

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